Contact Information

AYSO Region 45 is an all-volunteer organization. As a courtesy to our volunteers who handle the needs of 2,000 kids, please try to find the answer to your question on our FAQ page, or our season calendar. If you can’t find your answer in one of these spots, if at all possible, please use Email to contact us. Our volunteers are very Email-centric and checking the message line happens infrequently.

If you email us and do not hear back within a day or two, please try again. Our volunteers all get many emails and are doing the best they can.

General Questions

If you have general questions about the program or are interested in volunteering, please use the following contact emails. If you have specific questions after registration about your child, please use the Specific Questions section to email your Division Coordinator.

Email Us with specific questions about your player

If you have specific questions about your child’s registration, placement or division in general, please select your division below to contact your division’s coordinator.

To contact a particular Division Coordinator, select below:

Mailing Address

Our mailing address is primarily intended for invoicing and marketing purposes. It is not intended for regular communications nor questions for our Region 45 administration. If you need to send something via mail, please be sure to communicate with the intended recipient before mailing. We don’t recommend using this method of contacting us for ongoing questions or concerns. Email is the recommended communication channel. Thank you for understanding.

AYSO Region 45
P.O. Box 4252
Mountain View, CA 94040

Message Line

The AYSO 45 message phone, (650) 318-1617, will have information about weekend game cancellations due to bad weather or poor field conditions.