Coach Buddy Form

Head Coach/Assistant Coach Pair Request Buddy Form

This form is only used by Head Coaches specifically requesting an Assistant Coach. For all other “playing buddy” requests, please use the Standard Buddy Form to make your request.

A maximum of one additional buddy beyond the Coach/Assistant Coach pair is allowed, provided it is a referee volunteer. This must be acknowledged by a parent of each player.

  • Buddy requests beyond these three players will not accepted as part of buddy form.

  • Buddy requests with the same player listed on more than one form will not be accepted.

  • Siblings playing on the same team are allowed to request playing buddies but no more than a combination of four players including the Assistant Coach.

  • All players must be registered by June 6.

  • All players must be registered in the same division.

  • The form must be signed by a parent of all players.

  • If either of the coaches steps down from their coaching obligation prior to the season, the buddy requests will be voided.

Coaches, referees, board members and division coordinators ONLY are authorized to email this form directly to Division Coordinators no later than May 31st. You must receive response from the District Coordinator acknowledging receipt. If you do not receive a response, it is your responsibility to follow up and verify receipt.

Here is a link to download the Coach Buddy Form