Registration FAQ

Are scholarships available?

Yes. Please contact the Scholarship Coordinator at and make your request. You will be asked to provide verification of eligibility.

What days and times are practices?

Practice day and times are picked by the coaches and can happen throughout the week and at various locations throughout Mountain View and Los Altos. Games happen at various times on Saturdays. The exception to this is that U6 kids have a combined training session and scrimmage game on Saturdays (after 12 PM) only. Please refer to the Age Divisions page for details.

Can I choose the days or time of practices?

No. Only Head Coaches can request practice days and must always include alternatives due to limited field space. Coaches do not select practice fields until after all the teams have been assigned so we are unable to make team placements based on a desired practice day, time, or location.

What if my player has a conflict with the practice schedule?

The Division Coordinators work very hard to form teams with creating Balanced Teams as a top priority and and supporting Buddy requests where possible. Coaches select available practice times. If your player is unable to attend the assigned team’s practice, you may request to be removed from the team by sending an email to the Division Coordinator. Be sure the email includes non-conflicting practice times to help the DC select an appropriate alternative if one is available. The player will be placed on the bottom of the Wait List to be re-assigned to another team based on balanced teams and space available. Once moved to the Wait List, the player may NOT return to the original team. No refund will be provided due to scheduling conflicts.

Can I request a particular coach

No, you cannot request a particular coach.

Can I request my player be on the same team with a friend?

A player may specify one “playing buddy” to be on the same team through the Buddy Form. This form needs to be filled out and turned in, in-person, at open registration at one of the walk-in days. Buddy forms must be signed by the parents of both buddies. Siblings may also request playing buddies. Submission of a buddy form does not guarantee placement of players together as balanced team formation takes precedence. If you are submitting a buddy form, it is a reasonable expectation you will be asked to volunteer on some level as AYSO is an all-volunteer organization and playing buddies are a privilege. Coaches and Referees may also submit a separate Coach Buddy Form, to include a maximum of 3 player buddies (head coach, asst. coach, and 1 team referee player).

Can I request that two siblings in the same age group play together?

Yes, they can be assigned to the same team by specifying the name of the player’s sibling during online registration in the “siblings playing on the same team” field.

How can I withdraw my player if they can't play?

We appreciate you letting us know if you find you will not be able to participate. To qualify for a full refund (minus the non-refundable $20.00 National Player Fee), withdrawal requests must be received by the Registrar ( no later than July 31. No refunds will be offered after July 31. (Exception: If you have been placed on a Wait List and we are unable to place you on a team, you will receive a full refund.) Please send a short statement of withdrawal including:

  • player name

  • player birthdate

  • player division

  • reason for withdrawing

If you have already been assigned to a team at the time of your withdrawal, please also notify your coach of the decision.

When do we sign the medical release and code of conduct forms?

Your player’s medical release must be electronically signed during registration. Our Code of Conduct/Safe Zone pledges will be distributed for signature by your coach at the first team meeting. You must sign ALL forms in order for your child to practice or play.

Can I pay electronically?

We accept online payments using the Sports Connect registration system. We will accept check and cash payments in person at our walk-in registration (please check the Calendar for the date, time, and location). All other registrants must pay online. No checks will be accepted by mail!