AYSO Region 45 Fields

For a map of the fields AYSO Region 45 generally uses, please see the Map of Our Fields page.

Please check our Twitter feed and facebook page for the most up-to-date field status information.

Good Neighbor Policy

Please be respectful of neighbors surrounding parks we use to foster our good relations with the community.

While we do not have the authority to ban dogs at games or practices, we discourage them because they can be a distraction to our mission. Some of our kids are frightened of dogs resulting in uncomfortable situations when dogs are present. Anyone bringing dogs must keep them on leash in accordance with local park rules and will be asked to remove them if they run on the field, bark at any of the children, or display any behavior that distracts or concerns kids or volunteers. Please keep them back from the touchline as players sometime run off the field or the ball is kicked out and we do not want to have to deal with dogs chasing the ball or barking at a player running too close to them. You are responsible for your dog and are accountable for its behavior should you choose to bring it to any match or practice.

We appreciate your understanding as we have agreements with multiple municipal, school, and park agencies to ensure adequate fields are available for over 2000 kids in the Fall. Being a good neighbor is critical to ensuring those fields continue to be available now and in the future.